Without faith,
Without hope,
Without love,
We can’t go on!

Have strong faith,
Have bright hope,
Have pure love,
Come unto God and He will give us
His tender, everlasting love!


Daily Dose of Inspirational Quotes

Here are some of my written inspirational quotes for everyone! Hoping everyone is doing good!

“Worrying won’t do any good, so stop it and have faith in the Lord that everything is going to be fine”

“You, yes you! Don’t ever think that you are alone in this world. GOD never leave us alone because He loves all of us dearly.”

“People just come and go into your life, but the memories of having joy and sadness with them will never be erased.”

“Not everything in life happens the way we like it, but one thing is for sure: no matter what happens, stay strong & faithful to God always”

“Your choice, your accountability. Choose wisely and be responsible on your actions”

“Life is better when you’re laughing, smiling.”

“Learn to be humble and treat others kindly because if you do, you will be loved and treated back well by people around you.”

“Do not focus on the trials we are dealing in our life. Instead, count your many blessings and see what God hath done for us.”

“Life is not perfect. Instead of being judgemental or negative, always remember that we all deal with different challenges in life and that we must help and reach out to others. Do not forget that our loving Heavenly Father is watching over us and He will not leave us comfortless.”

“ACT and REACT are two different words that should be done with thinking.”




“Prayer can change everything”


I close my eyes and think about the others who are suffering and in pain
It’s so hard to sleep at night when you know that some where out there,
there are people who needs help
I hope that through my prayers, I can reach to them
I pray to God that everything goes well to everyone who needs comfort, healing, peace and joy
Because I know in my mind, heart and soul that prayer can change everything

Missing the days with you…

Looking at the window while it’s raining outside

Cherishing the memories when you’re still here with me

I miss the days with you, I’m feeling so down and blue

And I just want to stay with you

Everything changed since you were gone

Yesterday is over and today is another day

I don’t know why things have changed like this since you were away

I am crying while the rain is pouring

Please come back to me so I can tell you what I feel…




A Joyous Day!

The Sun is shining,

Birds are chirping

Winds are humming

and you are dreaming

Wake up, Get up!

Today is a beautiful day!

Be thankful and gay!

Kneel down and pray!




The Day Our Hearts Met

Every time I see you, my heart beats fast
I blush and smile when you look at my way
I think I’ve seen and met you before but,
I can’t remember when and where

One day I was sitting alone in an empty room
You came rushing to where I am, telling me
that you’ve seen me somewhere before

We then talked and laughed at each other’s stories
That day started our never ending memories

Now, we feel close to each other
We promised to stay to each other’s side forever