Way away

It may not be the best way
But it is the only safest way
The melody of you will always stay
Eventhough you are gone far away

Memories of you will stay in my heart forever
Even if we can never ever be together
I want you to know that I love you forever


Beauty around me


Facing the sea, feeling the wind
Waiting for the sun to settle down and for the moon to appear

Ah! The wind is so fresh and blowing freely on me
Waves coming to and fro
Waters splashing on my head to toe
Thanking God for allowing me to live, feel and see the beauty around me!

See the light

Can you imagine a time
when you stopped dreaming?
Everything stops moving
and you see yourself fighting for your life?

It’s getting harder for you to breathe
Your vision is getting blurry
And you’re being drowned in your fear
You feel so sad and hurt and yet,
You still keep on moving

“No, no, no”, you said
You’ll keep on fighting and will see the light!
Hope becomes alive in your heart and soul
You started to breathe fine and your vision becomes clear

You have a firm faith that one day you’ll reach the light
The light that can’t be hid in the darkness
And everything is going to be fine
And you’ll be happy forever

Closer to the edge

I am closer to the edge
I am going to live my life the way I want it
I am staying in silence
I am smiling beyond my fears
Everything will end
But one thing is for sure,
I want to stay happy with you always

Missing You

Staring at the night sky wishing for a shooting star to appear
Remembering the times we are together holding each other so dear
Oh, how I wish you were here beside me

The cool night breeze is sweeping through my face
But my tears keeps falling, with thoughts of you on my mind
I love you and I’m missing you, that’s all…

Wake me up and take me to another world

Whenever I hear those old songs,
Old memories keep on flashing back on my mind
Happy thoughts and sad stories are remembered
Sound of laughter and a picture of smiling people who I knew forms on my mind

Then, tears came falling down on my cheeks
I’ve realized that I am alone in this world
All along I am sleeping deeply with all the pain in my heart

Will someone please hold me and wake me up from this sleep?
I feel that days and nights have passed and I am still here with no one beside me
Can someone please hold me and take me to another world where there’s no pain and sadness but only happiness?

My Love Story

Hey, did you know that I still love you?
Every day I’m thinking of you
Every night I’m dreaming of you
My feelings for you are real and I’m missing you…

I want to see you
I want to talk to you
I want to know and ask “how are you?”

I hope you are fine wherever you are
I regret not having to tell you my feelings before,
I’m sorry, but yeah, this is my love story…without you in it